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About us

At AGROinvent we construct machines and automations of agricultural interest and we specialise in greenhouses with hydroponic (such as NFT: Nutrient Film Technique, and NGS: New Growing System) as well as conventional crops. Our machines concern the crop fertigation and the control of the greenhouse’s micro-climate, aiming at the optimisation of all possible conditions for maximum crop growth and production. At the same time, our machines are environment-friendly, as they contribute to a rational use of water and energy resources.

The greenhouse, and especially the hydroponic greenhouse, represents by far the most modern aspect of the agricultural practice. The management of the hydroponic greenhouse requires knowledge and responsibility, but rewards the farmer in the best possible way.

For us at AGROinvent, the modern hydroponic greenhouse is a continuous source of inspiration and passion for creativity. Novelties, such as the wireless sensors of the Climate Control Platform (Hydria Clima) and the hybrid hydraulic design of our fertigation systems, are already under production. The upgrade of our programs is continuous, while at the same time we are making substantial efforts to reduce the cost of our products without any compromise in their quality or their endurance.

At AGROinvent there are no technological limitations, as we produce ourselves the required technology and we are therefore not dependent on external suppliers. We use the excellent materials available in the modern market, in order to construct agricultural automations that are outstanding in terms of quality, functionality and friendliness to the user and the environment.