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  AGROinvent offers a wide range of fertigation and irrigation products, suitable for hydroponic or conventional cultures, as well as automations for the climate control in greenhouses:

  • Fertigation system Hydria 2+The all-new Hydria 2+ is a revolutionary fertigation system of high quality and low price, ideal for small- up to medium-sized soil crops. [Read more]
  • Fertigation and hydroponics system Hydria 4+: The all-new Hydria 4+ series of fertigation and hydroponics systems is an economical option that fully covers the needs of small greenhouses, and it is ideal for field crops and trees thanks to its reasonable price. [Read more]
  • Fertigation and hydroponics system Hydria 4+ Touch: Hydria 4+ Touch is a revolutionary fertigation and hydroponics system when four nutrient plus one acid stock solutions are required, with all the basic features of the higher Hydria Series (i.e. Hydria 5+ Touch and Hydria 8++ Touch), user-friendly menu in English and a 3.7-inch (or 7-inch upon request) colour touchscreen. [Read more]
  • Fertigation and hydroponics system Hydria 5+ Touch: Hydria 5+ Touch is a fertigation and hydroponics system designed for greenhouses with high fertigation/irrigation demands and it can manage five nutrient and one acid solutions. [Read more]
  • Fertigation and hydroponics system Hydria 8++ Touch: Hydria 8++ Touch is not an ordinary fertigation and hydroponics system, but a platform for the complete automation of the fertigation process, featuring endless functions, such as infinite irrigation programs and fertigation recipes, numerous peripheral automations and rational irrigation management. [Read more]
  • Climate Control Platform Hydria Clima: The climate control system Hydria Clima is a complete platform for the automation and management of the greenhouse’s climate. [Read more]
  • Hydroponics Irrigation Manager Skafi: Skafi is an innovative platform for the automation of the irrigation/fertigation progress in hydroponic crops. [Read more]
  • Custom Products: We are happy to discuss with you about the specific needs of your greenhouse and your crop, in order to provide you with the best possible solutions. [Read more]