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Operation Safety and Alarms

In case of deviation from the desired values of electrical conductivity (EC) and / or acidity (pH), the fertigation system Hydria 4+ will give an alarm.

For additional safety, Hydria 4+ can be programmed to pause the fertigation process every time there is an alarm (e.g. alarms owing to deviation from the desired EC and pH values, sensor malfunction or external alarms).

It must be noted that Hydria 4+ can also be programmed to initiate automatically the fertigation process after the end of an alarm (for limited repeats).

Further, a time constraint can be applied to the nutrient and acid stock solution valves. This practically means that each valve can be individually programmed to operate for a maximum (safety) time duration. This duration, which must be equal to or longer than the duration in the regular fertigation program, makes the operation of Hydria 4+ safe under all circumstances.

Additionally, apart from the input EC meter, Hydria 4+ supports optional safety EC and pH sensors.