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Fertigation System Hydria 2+

Fertigation System Hydria 2+The all-new fertigation system Hydria 2+ is a revolutionary product that combines high quality with low cost. Hydria 2+ features three digital inputs for external selection of any of the three fertigation recipes that the machine is able to store and execute. This system offers an economical and practical solution for agricultural units, in which an irrigation controller is already installed and in use. With the optional addition of an extension for irrigation valve outputs, Hydria 2+ is able to execute both the irrigation and the fertigation programs. Hydria 2+ is fitted with optical flow-meters for the nutrients’ stock solutions, as well as a user-friendly control menu in English. Through a sub-menu, the acidity (pH) and electric conductivity (EC) sensors can be readily calibrated and another sub-menu allows for configuration of the PID controller, which will guarantee flawless operation of the machine, under all conditions in the supply with irrigation water and nutrients. With Hydria 2+, through the use of a “smart” time-window and the synchronisation with the irrigation start (regulated by the external controller), we have the option to select a program for irrigation with pure water or a fertigation program with control over the acidity (pH) of the solution. In the case that Hydria 2+ is fitted with the optional extension for nutrient valve outputs, the irrigation with pure water becomes a much easier process, as it is initiated through the user-friendly menu of Hydria 2+. Further, Hydria 2+ has a programmable output for the control of the nutrient solution stirrer (start / stop), as well as alarms that are triggered in case of deviation of the pH/EC values from those values desired (pre-set). For additional safety these alarms can also be configured to halt the operation of the machine. Hydria 2+ can also be fitted with an optional input EC meter for fertigation using a differential electric conductivity, and there is also the possibility for remote control of the machine, e.g. via cellular phone messages (SMS) or over the Internet. With the optional addition of a complete weather station as well as temperature and humidity sensors, Hydria 2+ can be extended to also function as a climate control platform for greenhouses with small up to medium demands, and which do not use dynamic aeration, a heating curtain or carbon dioxide enrichment. Finally, the fertigation and climate control settings as well as the option for manual operation of the climate platform (e.g. the ventilation windows manually set to 60% open) can be set or changed via SMS, with the optional addition of a GSM modem. This is particularly important when physical access to the machine is not possible and an alarm (e.g. because of deviation in the pH / EC values) has been received via SMS. Hydria 2+ can also be customised to meet any specific requirements that may depend, for example, on the nature of the crop or any particularities in the agricultural unit. CE certification