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Basic Parameters

Hydria 8++ Touch features a user-friendly control menu in English. Though this menu we can control the following parameters:

1. The pulse constant for the digital hydrometer

2. The measuring unit for the water supply meter

3. The duty cycle of the nutrient valves (Pulse Width Modulation or PWM)

4. The operation duration for the mixing turbines of the nutrient stock solutions (operation, pause)

5. The type of temperature sensor (pt 100 thermistor)

6. Whether the missed irrigations will be restarted after a power failure or not.

7. The calibration temperature for the electrical conductivity (EC) in case of fault in its temperature sensor. Most EC meter failures are due to faults of the built-in temperature sensor. As a result, the entire fertigation system can go out of order because of a minor fault. Hydria 8++ Touch can temporarily operate by manually entering the water temperature to the controller.

8. In Hydria 8++ Touch there are no “nailed” outputs. Any pump or nutrient valve can correspond to any desired output relay.

9. We can set the operation safety margins and alarms. Alarms in Hydria 8++ Touch are triggered by any significant deviation from the desired values of EC, pH and water supply or they can be triggered by external sensors. Every type of alarm has its own time delay and it can be chosen whether it can pause the operation of the fertigation system or not. Additionally, there are sensor-related alarms, which concern the absolute values of sensors, as well as the divergence in the values among sensors.