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Function Principle

The function principle of Skafi is based on two or more pilot-slabs. We assume that the conditions prevailing in these representative slabs are the same for the rest of the crop, since the pilot-plants have exactly the same behaviour as the rest of the crop. Especially when plant uniformity is good (e.g. same age and cultivar) and the fertigation system we are using is well designed, then the results that we get through the use of Skafi can be outstanding and by far better than those of the common practice, where fertigation triggerings happen at preset times of the day. The results of the use of Skafi are yet superior to those of the solar integrator.

The mode of function of Skafi is purely hydraulic. No difficult and/or uncertain measurements need to be entered to the system. The only required measurement is that of the water level, which can be easily taken and with high accuracy.

Additionally, the machine functions autonomously and features an electronic controller, capable of monitoring additional irrigation-specific parameters, such as the electrical conductivity (EC), the acidity (pH) and the final volume of drainage, in order to interfere in cases of malfunction. The user receives sound and visual alerts or, optionally, alerts can be sent by text message (SMS) to the user’s mobile phone.