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Fertigation Programs – Valves

The fertigation system Hydria 4+ comes with five built-in fertigation programs (as opposed to the previous model, which was operating using an external controller) and the possibility to manage eight irrigation valves (sectors), which can optionally be expanded to sixteen.

In each fertigation program, any irrigation valve can be employed, with any desired recipe per valve, any time duration per valve and at any valve order.

Furthermore, with the addition of an input electrical conductivity (EC) meter, the fertigation recipe can be performed based on a differential electrical conductivity.

Of course, the fertigation process may be carried out following the traditional way of two-part nutrient stock solutions (A and B) plus acid or using ratios, which means that each nutrient stock solution (up to four different nutrient stock solutions plus one acid solution) can have its own percentage in the final fertigation mixture.

The initiation of the fertigation process may be set to specific times of the day or be controlled by external commands (e.g. the Hydroponics Irrigation Manager Skafi, start trays, external sensors, GSM devices etc).