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Fertigation System Hydria 4+

The all-new fertigation system Hydria 4+ is an economical option that fully covers the needs of small greenhouses. At the same time, its reasonable price makes it ideal even for field crops and trees.

The Hydria 4+ series has recently been upgraded, as a result of the great success of its predecessor in regions with numerous but relatively small greenhouses, as well as of the importance of the series to our company. Following the philosophy “better product at the same cost”, the all-new Hydria 4+ is based on the excellent hydraulic parts of its predecessor, while it features a brand new controller, approaching the characteristics of the higher Hydria series (i.e. Hydria 5+ Touch and Hydria 8++ Touch), which carry very powerful controllers.

The new Hydria 4+ fertigation system carries an upgraded back-lit screen with graphics and a numeric keyboard amended with seven extra function buttons. It also features a user-friendly menu in English that follows the standards of the higher Hydria series. The fertigation system Hydria 4+ carries all the hydraulic components of the higher Hydria series, such as optical flowmeters for the nutrient solutions, single or multiple Venturi tubes (depending on the use and the water supply) and completely acid-resistant hydraulic parts. The frame is of excellent quality, made of alluminium, and the control box is water-resistant.