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Drip Irrigation

Hydria 8++ Touch is a fertigation system that features numerous novelties, making the irrigation management complete.

Let’s first make an introduction. In a typical fertigation system, the nutrient valves provide fertiliser mixtures based on electrical conductivity (EC) readings. Likewise, the acid valves operate based on pH readings.

In Hydria 8++ Touch there is a solenoid valve that provides nutrients to the irrigation network, based on the volume of the irrigation mixture (supply) that flows through the network.

But what does this mean in practice? It is possible to feed any substance (drip-irrigation, nutrients, trace elements, special fertilisers and any other substance that needs to be diluted to a fixed ratio) to the irrigation network, through the valve of our choice either at the beginning or the end of the irrigation process and at any desired concentration. Of course all this happens automatically without the need to worry about any heterogeneity in the irrigation network, changes in the water supply pressure etc.

How does this happen? For every preset pulse number produced by the electrical irrigation hydrometer (water meter), the drip irrigation valve operates for a preset amount of time.

The function principle of the drip-irrigation valve is very simple. However, its function combined with the function of every single irrigation valve individually in each irrigation program makes it a valuable tool in the hands of the grower.