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Greenhouse Climate Control Platform Hydria Clima

The climate control platform Hydria Clima is a complete system for the automation of the greenhouse micro-climate. It is an expandable system, with the capacity to control up to 10 different greenhouse compartments (zones). It features a well-structured menu in English, accessible through a 7-inch colour touchscreen, for easy programming and user-friendliness. It also features all the functions required in a modern greenhouse. The most important of these are the following:

1. Ventilation window position

Hydria Clima controls the position of the ventilation window based on temperature, humidity and light, aiming at optimum plant growth as well as prevention of diseases. Applicable to single, double and side ventilation windows.

We are able to set day and night temperatures, which can be constantly readjusted based on the intensity of the solar radiation and the level of relative humidity in the greenhouse.

2. Dynamic aeration and evaporative cooling pad

Hydria Clima controls the operation of the vertical airflow and/or exhaust fans either on a three-scale basis or using an analogue exit to an inverter. It starts the pump of the evaporative cooling pad based on the temperature and humidity. Specifically, under conditions of low humidity or high temperature, it triggers the operation of the pump and pauses it when temperature is low or humidity is high. When light intensity is low, the system gives the user the option to disable the pump of the evaporative cooling pad or the fog system.

3. Fog system for the regulation of temperature and humidity

Hydria Clima controls the operation of the fog system for the regulation of temperature and humidity, as described for the pump of the evaporative cooling pad.

4. Heating system at three levels (main, auxiliary and substrate heating)

The main heating is activated based on the greenhouse’s ambient temperature, while the substrate heating is activated based on the substrate temperature. The auxiliary heating (ideal for the control of axial flow air conditioners) is activated either at a different temperature level than the main heating or when relative air humidity is high (there is a safety limit for high temperature, in the case of operation under high humidity).

5. Humidity control during the night with dehumidification program

Dehumidification is achieved through the controlled opening of ventilation windows. In cases of prolonged periods of high relative humidity, ventilation windows can be subject to periodical controlled openings. The exterior temperature is also taken into account in order to avoid considerable energy losses, but also for the constant opening of the ventilation windows in the case that the exterior temperature is higher than the interior temperature (this is quite common in non-heated greenhouses).

6. Complete program for the operation of the heating curtain and the shade curtain

7. Complete automation system for the protection against strong wind and rain

Protection against strong wind at three levels: a) closing of the windward ventilation window to a preset level, b) complete closing of the windward ventilation window and closing of the leeward ventilation window to the previous level, and c) complete closing of all ventilation windows. The limits for every level are fully customisable by the user.

8. Connection over the Internet for remote control and supervision

No computer is required in the greenhouse; the connection is established through the Ethernet port installed on the controller of Hydria Clima.

9. Connection with a personal computer for office control and management

10. Optional additional programming according to the user’s needs