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Fertigation Recipes

In Hydria 8++ Touch, there is absolutely no limitation to the creation of fertigation recipes. With its eight nutrient and two acid stock solution tanks, Hydria 8++ Touch can execute any required recipe.

One way to achieve this is by keeping a constant ratio of weight per volume in the tanks of nutrient stock solutions, e.g. 100 kg of fertiliser per cubic meter of water, and setting the nutrient valves to operate for the appropriate amount of time based on the concentration of our nutrient stock solutions. In this case, in order for the system operation to be absolutely safe for our crop, we must make sure that each nutrient valve is fed with the same supply from the nutrient solution tanks. This is readily controlled by the high-quality optical flow meters that are installed in line with each nutrient valve.

In each recipe we can set the desired electrical conductivity (EC) and acidity (pH) values, as well as the ratio between the two acid solutions. We can also make use of a differential EC in a recipe. By activating the differential parameter in the recipe, the output EC value is equal to the sum of the input EC (the EC value of the irrigation water) and the EC value of the recipe itself. For example, if the EC value of the irrigation water (input) is equal to 1 mS/cm and the EC value in the recipe is equal to 1.5 mS/cm, then the final (output) EC value will be equal to 2.5 mS/cm.

The number of different recipes that can be stored and executed by Hydria 8++ Touch is practically unlimited.